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BioEngineering AG

BioEngineering AG

The Company:

Our fields of study may be diverse, but we are all engineers at heart. And citizens of the world. Here at Bioengineering, we work for those creating and making discoveries in laboratories and production facilities around the world. What unites us with them is a certain mindset: excellence. That’s what we fly the flag for, regardless of nationality. Our claim to excellence underlines our position as an intelligent and reliable partner who, with their bioreactors and fermentors, works in collaboration with the best companies in the world: inspiring excellence.

Engineering & Design:

We build plants for our customers that meet their specific requirements. We do this at Bioengineering by having a team of dedicated engineers and designers working on every stage of a project. From the idea to the finished plant, there is a strong culture of innovation. Our many years of experience in project management enable us to implement fast-track projects efficiently.


The support we offer to our customers goes beyond the planning, construction and commissioning of plants. We provide expert knowledge, servicing, inspection and documentation to assist with the operation of their plants. We perform two roles in one: that of an expert and a reliable partner.


We design and build complete bioreactor and fermentor systems for well-known pharmaceutical and food companies. These systems are used in laboratories and production facilities to manufacture vaccines, biosimilars, starter cultures and other products. It is no accident that our plants serve as a reference for an entire industry. With more than 40 years of experience in building plants, we have the experience, the knowledge and the innovative capacity to realise even the most complex of plants.

Bioprocess control:

We develop complex automation solutions with software and hardware for the plants and are thus in a position to offer a wide range of architectures and designs. This helps our customers to manage and monitor their plants perfectly and reliably.

Lab & Pilot:

We develop and build fermentors and bioreactors for laboratories and production facilities across the world. These range from small expandable modular bench-top devices for research and development departments to scalable big plants for the manufacturing industry.


We develop and build components for our customers’ plants which perform very specific tasks depending on the application and the requirements. For example, components which ensure that cleaning is carried out in compliance with strict hygiene regulations and which have been reliably carried out in our plants for many years.

More detailed information and the latest downloads can be found at the Bioengineering website https://bioengineering.ch/