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Cup Hermann

Cup Hermann


Adding powder to a clean reactor, that was always a challange. Not anymore as there is the Cup Hermann, the easy to use dust free power dosing tool.


  • Biotech: Enables dust-free infeed of nutrients for media preparation in bioreactors.
  • Pharmacy: For creating buffers in a mixing tank.
  • Food: For the transfer of spices or auxiliary materials.
  • Cosmetics: For manufacture of powder, cream and lotion formulations.
  • Industry: For dust reduction in ink/printing, chemical processes, ceramics, metal powders.


  • Manual, non-aseptic powder transfer with no dust formation.
  • Easy to use: Fill powder into bag, then seal off bag; flange Cup Hermann to vessel, remove bottom part of vessel, open bag and empty.
  • By flange-connecting to an existing filler neck on the reactor, a safe and sealed system is created.
  • Powder can be safely stored and transported in the metal vessel.
  • More user-friendly and cost-effective than aseptic powder transfer systems.
  • Easy and convenient to operate.
  • Safe handling of biologically active or toxic substances.

Technical details

  • Vessel material: Stainless steel.
  • Two sizes available: 10 and 20 liters capacity.
  • Connections: Tri Clamp with nominal widths from 3.5″ or 5″ or Bayonet with nominal widths DN 95 or DN 150
  • For pressurized or pressure-free vessels.

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More detailed information and the latest downloads can be found at the Bioengineering website https://bioengineering.ch/components/powder-dosing/cup-herman