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The BioEngineering KLF is a high quality Swiss manufacutered modular InSitu sterizable labscale bioreactor / fermentor. Your KLF is configurable for Microbial or cell culture processes.

KLF stand alone

What sets the KLF apart from other systems is it’s extreme high oxygen transfer rates, it’s scale up and down capacity, the posibilities to use 3rd party sensors and probes and ofcourse the In Situ sterilization.

The KLF always comes with BioScada controlsoftware. Biosacda registers all activities and can produce an automated report for each batch.

Technical details

  • Processing capacity: 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.5 liters
  • Vessel: Glass or stainless steel 
  • Drive: Bottom drive with axial face seal or magnetic clutch 
  • Stirrers: Rushton, propeller stirrers, pitched-blade stirrers
  • Ventilation: Venting pipe, ring sparger, sinter sparger, bubble-free gassing
  • Temperature control: Electrical heating & cooling fingers
  • Measurement and control technology: Speed, temperature, pH, pO2, antifoam/level, redox, OD, weight, exhaust analysis, numerous interfaces and regulators 
  • Gas modules: Up to 6 individual gassing lines with pulsed valves or mass-flow controllers 
  • Pump modules: Up to 6 pumps integrated in the control unit and one external pump 
  • BioSCADA: Sophisticated control and visualization software including data collection 
  • Configuration: Up to 6 bioreactors controllable with a single control unit

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For more detailed information and the latest downloads go to the Bioengineering website https://bioengineering.ch/lab-pilot/klf/