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The NLF series are GMP labscale Bioreactor / fermentors configurable for Microbial or cell culture processes for small production volumes.

As with all other BioEngineering equipment the NLF can also be configured for your specific process for both biological or technical point of view. The automation level and / or execution of equipment can be changed in time as your demands will probably change in time aswell.

You can match the system design with your exsisting equipment for optimal up/down scale posibilities.

  • Processing capacity: 11 / 13 / 20 liters
  • Vessel: Stainless steel, double shell, double floor
  • Drives: Top drive, bottom drive, Vibromixer
  • Stirrers: Rushton, propeller stirrers, pitched-blade stirrers
  • Ventilation: Venting pipe, ring sparger, sinter sparger, surface gassing, bubble-free gassing Temperature circuit and sterilization: Electrical heating / Cooling water, steam heating / Cooling water
  • Measurement and control technology: Speed, temperature, pH, pO2, antifoam/level, redox, OD, weight, exhaust analysis, numerous interfaces and regulators 
  • Gas modules: Up to 8 individual gassing lines with pulsed valves or mass-flow controllers 
  • Pump modules: Up to 6 pumps
  • Cleaning:  Manually / CIP
  • BioSCADA: Sophisticated control and visualization software for data collection
  • Configuration: Up to 6 bioreactors controllable with a single control unit

If you want more information please contact us for information or a (budget)quotation.

More detailed information and the latest downloads can be found at the Bioengineering website https://bioengineering.ch/lab-pilot/nlf/