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LP/P units are stand alone custom build units, based on the NLF platform but bigger for small production or pilot usage. Volumes go from 35 to 1000 litres.

LP stand alone unit


  • Hi-tech bioreactors for bacteria, yeasts, animal and plant cells 
  • All Bioengineering production components are also available for the laboratory/pilot benchmark
  • For upscaling studies, clinical production and small-batch production – Complete GMP documentation available


  • Swift and simple installation: Central connections for steam, water and air minimize time and work requirements while starting operation
  • The belt drive reduces the vessel height and provides convenient access to the lid for all work
  • Options for cell culture: Rotor filter for perfusion, bubble-free gassing for shear-sensitive cells, empty sterilization for heat-instable media, cell-free sampling system, etc.
  • Options for bacteria fermentation: Stirrer systems for bacteria with high oxygen requirement, weight regulation for continuous cultivation, Hi-containment sampling system, etc.
  • Can be equipped as a laboratory fermentor in manual operation or as a production bioreactor in fully-automated operation. 
  • Controllable with local regulators, BioSCADA or PLC

Technical details

  • Processing capacity: 28 / 33 / 50 / 65 / 100 / 130 / 200 / 300 / 500 / 650 liters
  • Vessel: Stainless steel, double shell, double floor 
  • Drive: Bottom drive with belt, double axial face seal, magnetic drive, top drive
  • Stirrers: Rushton, propeller stirrers, pitched-blade stirrers, Vibromixer
  • Gassing: Auto-sterile filters, separate filters or double filters. Ring sparger, sinter sparger, surface gassing, bubble-free gassing. Up to 8 gassing lines with pulsed valves or mass-flow controllers. 
  • Temperature circuit and sterilization: Steam heating / Cooling water. Automated sterilization, empty sterilization.
  • Dosing / Transfer: Manual dosing, SteriCaps, transfer concepts, full valve automation. Up to 6 pump module selectable. 
  • Measurement and control technology: Speed, temperature, pH, pO2, antifoam/level, redox, OD, weight, exhaust-gas analysis. Several interfaces and regulators available for external devices/equipment. 
  • BioSCADA: Process monitoring, data management, documentation, batch reports, profiles, cascades, sequencer program. Intuitive operation, no programming skills required.

In order to give you more information on these units we need your process details. Please contact us so we can discuss the posibilities.

P stand alone unit

More detailed information and the latest downloads can be found at the BioEngineering website https://bioengineering.ch/lab-pilot/lp351/